Saturday, November 12, 2011


I had my first sale on Etsy the other day, and was I shocked to see which one of my items it was! The item that sold was one of the first items I had listed up and after looking over it, the image quality, etc, I was convinced that it was going to be a place marker for the next project I come up with. But lo and behold! It sold!

See what I mean about image quality? Haha. I laugh (and cringe) every time I look at this and wonder why I even used this photo. The tissue paper works great for taking pictures of jewelry for my other shop, but is horrible for this one.

But atleast it is out of here.

I made some wool fingerless gloves I wanted to list up, but the issue that I was fighting with was how to take a great photo of it. Do I model them? Do I lay them flat? Laying them flat doesn't do the gloves justice at all, but if I modeled them, how can I make it all about the gloves? Yeah, so I gave up and kept the gloves for myself.

One day I went to work with them on and co-worker said they were perfect and that she's been looking for something similar for her mom who recently had a stroke and said her arms are always cold. So, modifying the pattern to make the gloves longer was simple, and that got me a sale right there.

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