Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Winter is here and so are more trips for some HOT coffee! To get a cute coffee cup cozy to fit over your coffee cup, you're at the right place!

H/5mm crochet hook
Some worsted weight yarn
Needle and thread to match the color of the felt

This is a very loosely written pattern so you can easily customize the width of your coffee cozy.

1. Chain 30 and then sl st to the first ch to form a loop (make sure not to accidently twist the chains.
2. Sc all the way around (now check to make sure it fits around your cup. Too loose or too tight? Increase or decrease your beginning chain).
3. Repeat step 2 until it is the right width (mine is about 7 rows, also don't forget to periodically check your cozy on a cup).

I cut out a rectangular piece of felt (in the width & height of how big you want your mustache), and folded it in half (folding it makes the mustache identical on both sides). Its easier to use fabric chalk or a pen to draw out your mustache before you cut, but if you're like me, start cutting away!

Next, I used a regular sewing needle with black thread and hand sewed the mustache on.

For a cute holiday cozy, make a red cozy with a white mustache to imitate Santa Claus :)

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